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The main theme is "All worldly things are transitory"
Welcome to my pictures world.
Life is short and ephemeral.
I feel that the water droplets express the ephemeral nature of a short life.
I hope that the photos I take will reach your sensitivity.

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes melancholy, sometimes fashionable, sometimes muddy.

I wish you a lot of fun with my pictures.
Kind regards
Horita Koji
Stay tuned for the next issue!
”響 hibiki展” 〜多才な響き合い〜
[Date] 2022 Oct 1(Sat) - 9(Sun) Event Completed
[Venue] 豊中  スペース「草」
[Access] 560-0003 豊中市東豊中町4-1-13
[Phone] 06-6853-0474
伊砂 正幸   型絵染作家
大倉 清教   陶芸家・オフィスデザイナー
後藤 鐵郎   写真家
芹川 明義   写真家・陶芸家
ほりた こうじ   写真家
村中  修   写真家
師岡 清高   写真家
横田 朋子   彫刻家
芳森 栄子   ガラス工芸家
第27回KYOTO/How are you,PHOTOGRAPHY?展 [後期]
[Date] 2022 Dec 20(Tue) - 25(Sun) Event Completed
12:00PM~19:00(Sun 18:00)
[Venue] Gallery Maronie
[Access] 〒604-8027 京都市中京区河原町通四条上る塩屋町332
[Phone] 075-221-0117
Canon Gallery photo exhibition "mizu to hikari".
[Date] 2022 June 14 (Tue) - 25 (Sat) Event Completed
[Venue] Canon Gallery Osaka
[Access] Nakanoshima Festival Tower West 1F, 3-2-4 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka

[Date] 2022 March 15 (Tue) - 26 (Sat) Event Completed
[Venue] Canon Gallery Ginza
Tolerance Ginza Building 1F 3-9-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Calligrapher, watercolourist and photographer joint exhibition "Tenchi Shizen".  
[Date] 2022 May 3 (Tue)  - 8 (Sun) Event Completed
[Venue] enokojima creates osaka [enoco]
[Access] 2-1-34 Enokojima, Nishi-ku, Osaka

2022 Aug   Asaki yumemiji yoimo sezu page updated works

2022 June  Nostalgie Newly established.

2021 sep   Feature Page [Les Souliers rouges] Newly established.

2021 sep   Feature Page [Les Souliers rouges] Newly established.

All photos are copyrighted @mizu to hikari romantica. It is not allowed to use my photos with out my permission.
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